Supply Challenges

Your biggest benefit is closer than you think

First, there were tariffs to deal with. Now, there is Coronavirus. The result is a supply chain out of China that continues to present challenge after challenge to the hospitality industry in the US. While these may not be permanent obstacles, they could last longer than we would like them to. One has to wonder what the next problem will be. Many hotel projects looking for furniture opt to use companies that source from China because of the price. And that is a perfectly reasonable decision. However, the money you save on that furniture evaporates rapidly when that 14-16 week lead time suddenly bumps up to 18-20 or more. Those savings continue to evaporate when those containers are stuck in customs for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. What happens to your build schedule when the major items that you need to complete your hotel don’t arrive on time? What is the cost of pushing out your opening date? What is the cost of letting 100 rooms sit empty because you wanted to save a few thousand dollars on casegoods?

In light of this, now is the time to look toward domestic US manufacturers that have some of the best lead times, that deliver high level customer service and deliver quality product with a meaningful warranty. Northland Furniture consistently delivers product in 6-8 weeks from receipt of an PO and deposit. Northland is a company that you can call and reach someone who is ready and willing to help you. And, Northland offers the best manufacturer’s warranty in the industry at 10 years.