Stay the Course

Fall and winter months are the regular time for hotels to renovate and take care of lingering casegood replacements. Maintaining that normal schedule is important to ensure that your hotel truly reflects the new preferences of travelers and to differentiate your hotel from the competition.

McKinsey & Company has issued a report that states most US leisure travelers are looking for increased health and safety measures. The hospitality industry has responded effectively to this with numerous programs and cleaning regiments that have been heavily promoted. But, to the average traveler, that is essentially unseen and has to be taken on faith. What the average traveler responds to is what they can see. Is the room dated? Does it have rundown furniture? Or, is it refreshed with clean, new, modern looking casegoods that make an impression on the guest.

New hotel furniture is what communicates to the guest that the room is safe and clean. Differences like this help hotel owners capture the attention of what is now still a limited pool of customers. This will help them pull ahead of their competitors and stay established as a trusted hotel in this era of Covid and the new normal. This is critical as most returning travel will be close to home.

Conventional wisdom right now says that US leisure travel is going to be the first to rebound, as many hotels in local destination spots are currently seeing. Travelocity notes that most hotel bookings are within 100 miles of where the guest lives. In short trips like that, word can travel fast about whether or not your hotel is to be trusted, clean and safe. Worn out rooms typically do not inspire confidence in the guest.

This year has been challenging for everyone in our industry. But sometimes opportunity comes is strange packaging. If you are ready to invest in your property, Northland can help. Contact us today at