Safe Clean Travel

The current economic climate for the hospitality industry is still very challenging. Hotels are competing for a smaller share of travelers and only certain types of hotels are really benefiting. No doubt by now you have heard that domestic car travel and the markets that serve those customers will be the first to rebound. So, what are other hotels to do in order to entice those customers back? The answer is not the most obvious one.

Price discounts will not save you. A recent report from McKinsey & Company states most US leisure travelers are looking for increased health and safety measures to the exclusion of all other factors. Guests want to feel safe and secure and trust their hotel to keep them that way. Incredible efforts have been made by all the major flags to institute elaborate cleaning regiments meant to reassure their guests. But the average traveler can’t necessarily see that when they are booking a room on line.  What they respond to is what they can see. And that is the room. Is it dated? Does it look old and tired? Or, is it refreshed with clean, new, modern looking casegoods that make a favorable impression on your guest.

Fresh,new hotel furniture is the most effective way to communicate that your hotel is clean, safe and can be trusted. Customers consume with their eyes first. Will they see hotel furniture with crisp clean lines that are easy to wipe down? Will they see modern color schemes that make the room seem fresh and airy? Differences like this help hotel owners capture the attention of what is now still a limited pool of travelers.  A hotel that looks and feels clean will earn more attention and money from guests who value trust and safety. This is critical as most returning travel will be close to home.  Conventional wisdom right now says that US leisure travel is going to be the first to rebound, as many hotels in local destination spots are currently seeing. Travelocity notes that most hotel bookings are within 100 miles of where the guest lives. In short trips like that, word can travel fast about whether or not your hotel is worth staying at.

Fall and winter months are the regular time for hotels to renovate and replace casegoods. Maintaining that normal schedule is important to ensure that your hotel truly reflects the new preferences of travelers and to differentiate your hotel from the competition; to be trusted, clean and safe. Worn out rooms typically do not inspire confidence in the guest.

This year has been challenging for everyone in our industry. But sometimes opportunity comes in strange packaging.  If you are ready to invest in your property, Northland can help. Contact us today at