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For nearly 50 years, Northland Furniture has been manufacturing high-quality commercial furniture for hotels, timeshares, senior living environments, and other facilities. Using domestically sourced materials, including many materials from the Pacific Northwest, our experienced team of craftsmen design and build furniture that can withstand high traffic and other challenging environments. Northland furniture is built to last.

Pacific NorthWest Craftsmanship

The Northwest has a style all its own when it comes to commercial furniture. Lots of natural materials, especially wood. Earthy colors. Clean lines. Just as our Northland name implies, we are a part of this land — our office and manufacturing facility is located in beautiful Bend, Oregon.


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Benson Hotel
Portland, Oregon
The quality of the product was amazing on day one and has held up to the test of being in a high end hotel room. If you are in a pinch and/or just want a great product and service at a great price, I highly recommend Northland Furniture for any size or level of project.
—Cole Butler, Project Manager, Allied Partners

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